Help! I have turkey neck

Dont panic - the answer has been found!!!

For so many years women have suffered from 'Turkey Neck Syndrome' or Meleagris gallopavo as it is properly known. Until now the only way to effectively cure this problem was to take dramatic action which ususally involved invasive surgery. Comprehensive analysis of the problem has been ongoing for the past five years.

The analysis revealed hundreds of proteins unique to the condition, as well as hundreds more found separately in a control group of people without Turkey neck, the researchers said. As many as 4 million people suffer from chronic Turkey neck and tens of thousands from lingering symptoms even after surgery.

Traditionally the cure for Turkey Neck involved making an incision behind the earlobes, fat being suctioned out, lifting and tightening of muscles, and left a small scar from behind the ears into the hairline. (Not to mention a recovery time of at least ten to 14 days, and a cost of about 10,000.) But now after many years of extensive research, a much simpler remedy has been found. Clinical research has proved that the method is 99.9% effective in women of all ages. And even better, it takes very little effort and costs absolutely nothing!

So what's the answer? It's simple! Just give your husband a blow job every day! Your Turkey neck will be gone within days and your husband will be happy as Larry. The only possible downside is that if a blow job isnt given every day the Turkey neck will soon return, so its vitally important that you continue the treatment indefinately.

Bottom line: If your turkey neck is in full swing, then just call your husband over and get working hard on getting rid of it today!.

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